About this company…

Hello Victoria,  I’m local boy Sean Proudlove. I change this page frequently so ignore the typos.

Why did I start this company?

 I thought it was cool. People should be proud of the city they live in and having a shirt that reminds of you of better days is a very good thing. Everyone has different fond memories of this city, why not share them with others.

 I have a great love for the city I grew up in. As a touring standup comic for 20 plus years I always liked to bring a little bit of my hometown on stage. I generally would wear shirts that I bought just like the tourists would but I never really found anything that captivated me. Most of the designs were generic, an anchor, beaver or longitude or latitude. One of them had two latitudes. It made me wonder why nobody made anything more interesting. Hopefully I can make a few shirts that make you laugh.

Which neighbourhood did I grow up in?

I grew up in Gordon Head went to Gordon Head School in grades 1-2 then went to a brand new Torquay school 3 through 7, Arbutus for 3 more then finished it off at Claremont the last two years. Perhaps one day I will post my report cards, my assortment of yellow report cards, lots of big laughs. Growing up in Victoria in late 70’s early 80’s I spent a lot of time going to movies, buying candy at the English Sweet shop and getting coloured popcorn at The Nut Shop. I could list a 100 different places that I frequented because they were the same ones you went to. So I imagine you have fond memories of them as well.

Do I have a addiction to Ebay?

Yes I do. Although late to the game for collecting I have acquired a lot of memorabilia from this great city. I particularly love phone books and menus. Stuff’s hard to come by as most people threw out everything or didn’t take as many pictures as we do now. I have like a 100 pictures of my cat on my phone right now but two of my dad as a kid. Fortunately my grandmother was a shutterbug and has left me many great pictures that I will share over time of 1930’s Victoria.

What motivates you to do this?

For a hundred years the majority of pictures of Victoria are  of four specific spots, the Parliament buildings, Inner Harbour, Empress and Butchart’s Gardens. All four are iconic here but only represent a small piece of this wonderful city. Most locals appreciate these places but only go when they are entertaining visitors. I do a lot of jokes about Victoria in my act and that lead me to the idea of making a couple shirts about Victoria that were well recieved. During the pandemic that idea snowballed and has lead me to creating this company. So many interesting people and places and all have contributed to make this town what we are lucky enough to live in today. I hope you find a lot of pleasure wandering through the pages and hopefully over time we can all learn more about the Hall of Fame pioneers who made this great city of Victoria B.C. 

Also who wants to dress like everyone else. Time to jazz it up Victoria.

Cheers Sean Proudlove

(Pictures below are of my grandmother(4th in from right about to go swimming in the inner harbour(1925ish) and me cooking a month after I gotta perm(1986) and at Sealand in 1973. There are also some t-shirt promos below that are pretty funny

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