About this company…

Hello Victoria,  I’m local boy Sean Proudlove. I change this page frequently so ignore the typos.

Why did I start this company?

 I thought it was cool. People should be proud of the city they live in and having a shirt that reminds of you of better days is a very good thing. Everyone has different fond memories of this city, why not share them with others.

 I have a great love for the city I grew up in. As a touring standup comic for 20 plus years I always liked to bring a little bit of my hometown on stage. I generally would wear shirts that I bought just like the tourists would but I never really found anything that captivated me. Most of the designs were generic, an anchor, beaver or longitude or latitude. One of them had two latitudes. It made me wonder why nobody made anything more interesting. Hopefully I can make a few shirts that make you laugh.

Cheers Sean Proudlove

(Pictures below are of my grandmother(4th in from right about to go swimming in the inner harbour(1925ish) and me cooking a month after I gotta perm(1986) and at Sealand in 1973(yes I know people lose their minds when you say Sealand but it’s a great picture).

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