Classic Victoria BC Upright Greeting Cards

If you’re like me you hate buying greeting cards. Constantly having a hard time finding a front of card that you like only to be disappointed by the message on the inside or the crazy price on the back. At Classic Victoria we feel your pain and we decided to get crafty.

So we are offering unique homemade Classic Victoria BC Cards made from my vintage slides collection or original designs of classic old times favourites just like you see here. Each card has a number so just pick whichever you want and if you don’t see what you like ask me as I may have something not on site

A – Close up of Totem and baby totem

B – Jaycee Fair 1975

C – Fire Hydrant on Government st.

D – Empress side view

E – Escape from Beacon Hill Park(Had to make a zombie goat design)

F –  Jiminy Cricket Kindergarten

G – Netherlands Centennial Carillon

H – Cook street Village

I – Fable Cottage Elf

J – Bengal room

K – Bastion Square

L – Netherlands Centennial Carillon

M – Soda Fountain Luncheonette

N – 1968 Ariel view of Inner Harbour

O -1980’s movie theatre listings

P – Brite Spot

Q – Blue Mouse Cabaret

R – Club Tango


A – Close up of Totem and baby totem, B – Jaycee Fair, C – Fire Hydrant, D – Empress side, E – Escape from Beacon Hill Park, F –  Jiminy Cricket, G – Netherlands Centennial, H – Cook street, I – Fable Cottage, J – Bengal room, K – Bastion Square, L – Netherlands Centennial, M – Soda Fountain, N – Ariel view of Inner Harbour, O – movie theatre listings, P – Brite Spot, Q – Blue Mouse Cabaret, R – Club Tango